A Week Long Birthday Celebration!

For my 50th birthday, we rented an apartment in Waldkirchen, Germany near the Austrian and Czech Republic borders. It was a perfect location since we had planned to visit three big cities: Český Krumlov, Czech Republic; Salzburg, Austria; and Munich, Germany. Of course, we went during a very hot and sweaty week with lots of tourists and temperatures in the […]

Happy 50th Birthday to Me!

On August 7, I turned FIFTY! I can’t believe I’m half a century old. Birthdays were always important to my mom, and I always felt the same way. When it came to my birthday, I would get family and friends together to go to the racetracks, a club, and I did several road trips. This year, we had a week […]

The Spirit of Words Affecting a Reader

Years ago, I began the practice of underlining sentences and phrases from books that stuck out; a different description I hadn’t heard before or it aroused some kind of emotion from me. After I underline my favorites, I transfer them to a notebook, indicating author, book, and page number. Today, I’d like to share some of these with you. Not […]

Character Interview with Adam Larimore

Hello, Everyone! This is the last of the character interviews. I hope you enjoyed them and found something of interest. Today, I had the privilege of speaking with Adam Larimore of Larimore Systems. Even though he has money, he experiences struggles with his father. Please join me in welcoming Adam. [fruitful_sep] Hello, Adam! Welcome and thank you for willing to […]