Welcome to the Independent Sample Library Page! This page is dedicated to Indie authors looking for 'honest' reviews or beta reads. Under each category, you’ll find the book cover or a picture, genre, and whether the author is seeking a review or beta read. 

Reviews: For unknown indie authors, it’s difficult to get noticed so reviews are one way to help.
- If a sample interests you, please consider buying the work or contact the author for a free digital copy in exchange for an ‘honest’ review posted to a major online retailer (email and link on sample). 

Beta Reader: A beta read is someone willing to read works and provide input as to what they liked and didn’t like about the works prior to publication (author might supply questions).
- If a sample interests you, please contact the author to request the full work, or if a poem, please submit input via email (email on sample). In return for your comments, suggestions, and time, you’ll receive a digital copy of a published work, or the one you beta read when published..

Thanks for your support! For Authors interested in participating, please contact denise@authordenisebaer.com.