Denise Baer is a native of the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in Germany with her husband and four-legged baby, Shakespeare. She enjoys a challenge, but so far she has yet to become an award-winning author and her days of pole dancing were short-lived.

me She’s just a regular gal who likes potato chips on her sandwiches and says ‘member’ instead of remember. A comfort lover, she chooses casual over sophistication, tapioca pudding over crème brulee. And she loves to make chicken potpies from scratch with her husband.

A life in Germany hasn’t stopped her from letting her national roots sprout. She sings with the windows wide-open, yells at the television while watching the Chicago Bears, and talks to her dog during their daily walks. Although she has mellowed over the years, Denise won’t hesitate to use a screwdriver when locked out of her flat to open the door Chicago style. You can take the girl out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of the girl.

During the winter months, Denise can be found on the couch writing or reading. In the summer, she’s on the balcony talking to herself with a cold beer or Captain Morgan and coke light.

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